Mood boards for a steam yacht

A typical exercise when planning a yacht interior is creating mood boards.

A general theme can be chosen for the whole ship, like cities, musicians, writers, sports etc… Then we must plan a voyage to take our guests on upon arrival. Joining the yacht must be an experience from the first minute.

The subtle differences in tone in each space will encourage the guests to visit and compare cabins and lounges, and will give subject for comments and appreciation right at the beginning of a cruise.

The mood boards shown here are themed on vanished steam yachts, the personalities and countries associated with them, and can be extended for sports, cars, famous trains and so on.

Link to the mood boards (PDF)

Key words for the settings.


North America, the great lakes, Chicago

Horace and John Dodge, FD Roosevelt, Churchill, Princess Stephanie

Tiffany style,

Automobile, racing



Ireland, Scotland, India, China

Thomas Lipton

Edwardian crosses Laura Ashley

Sail racing, America cup



Germany, Norway

Kaizer Willhelm II

Art nouveau, Jugendstil

Sailing, rowing



Belgium, Norway, Azores, Belgian congo

King Leopold II, Stanley, Tintin

Art nouveau, Horta, African colonial

Hunting, African collections



Lisbon, Algarve, Azores

Dom Carlos I of Portugal, Dona Amelia, Manuel II

Portugese neo rococo, Azuleijos

Oceanography, marine painting




Albert I de Monaco

Victorian accents, casino, bains de mer

Oceanography, sailing


Victoria and Albert

England, British Empire

King Edward VII, Georges V

Edwardian, obviously (or Follies Bergeres)

Polo, sailing




Mustapha Kemal Ataturk

Ottoman, Topkapi

Horses, dogs, Bosphorus



Australia, Oceania

Lord and lady Brassey, Horace Hutchinson

Colonial, far east, Malaysia

Golf, writings, kangaroos



US West coast, Cuba, Alaska, Hawaii

JP Morgan

Cuban, Hawaiian, New York

Skyscrapers, big



Russia, St Petersburg

Alexandre II, Nicolas II

Russian, mosaique

Snow sports, horses